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Porridge is the mother of us all.

A Russian Proverb

Low-carb diets not withstanding, our favorite and most frequent breakfast is a bowl of cereal. Let's make it a hot and hearty whole grain,1 embellished, by God's grace, with a variety of some of our favorite things! A few recipes have some of this variety built into them, such as Oatmeal Surprise or Yummy Oatmeal, Apple Millet Cereal, and Sue's Breakfast or Swiss Breakfast Cereal. Others are plain cooked whole grain fare. These are listed on the Build-A-Cereal chart along with a variety of accompaniments from which to choose: fruits, nuts and seeds, dairy or dairy alternatives, and a few other extras.

One of my suggestions regards granola, thought to be a nutritious option. Not necessarily so. Most granolas are made with oats, the grain highest in phytates. Assume that they are not produced by a two-stage process. Secondly, they are usually more highly concentrated with a sweetener. Finally, if you make your own, granola is more labor-intensive that cooking a hot cereal. Thus, I only suggest granola as an optional crunchy topping on hot cereal in a small amount. You may enjoy Date-Apple Granola, prepared by the two stage process. Alternatively, let nuts and seeds provide crunch.

Keep concentrated sweeteners, even natural ones like honey and Sucanat, to a minimum. Let the sweetness be provided by adding fruit. Stir a bit of butter into the hot cereal to enhance flavor. Add ground flaxseed to hot cereal for a nutritional bonus. It is loaded with omega-3 linolenic acid which is hard to come by in most foods, except certain kinds of fish. Butter assists in mineral absorption. Compliment hot cereal with a high protein dairy or dairy alternative food. I especially recommend raw milk, kefir, yogurt, or Almond Milk. See Milk Alternatives blog for information on these foods.

1 For many details on whole grains, see Introducing Whole Grain Baking, 2007 SueGreggCookbooks, "Grain Wonders" section.


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