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Gut Health, frugality, and The Funniest Food Compliment I Ever Received

​Probiotics. Fermented Foods. Kombucha. Sourdough. Sauerkraut. Yogurt. Kefir. Gut Health.

These ideas and products are becoming more common in general American society.

I've seen big boxes of Kombucha for sale at Costco and an end-cap full of refrigerated fermented foods at Sprouts. It seems "more trendy" these days to walk around with a bottle of Kombucha than a can of soda. Is it that people are beginning to care about what they put in their bodies or just that the bottle of kombucha costs $3 rather than a $.50 can of pop? Maybe it's the trend, maybe it's a snob appeal, maybe it's for health reasons. For whatever reason one may want to drink it, my frugal, penny pinching heart can't enjoy (at least very often) a $3, 16oz drink that I can guzzle in roughly 2 minutes.  

Fermented Foods. Kombucha. Sourdough. Sauerkraut. Yogurt. Kefir.

Did you know you can make all these at home for a very low cost?

Fermented Carrots:










Kefir (milk and water):



I have made all these products at home. The fermented dilly carrots are SO delicious and make pickles from a store unexciting and undesirable (with food dye in them -- noooooo!)! I made a big container of saurkraut... maybe 6 months ago and still have some in our fridge. A couple of my girls (ages 7 and 6) asked for it just the other night and were eating it happily with their dinner. Ingredients, cabbage, salt, caraway seeds and...time! Some of the ferments you can make at home only need salt and/or salt and water to ferment them.

To make other fermented foods at home you need a starter/culture. You can buy yogurt at Walmart and BAM you got your starter (just make sure it is real active yogurt!). I bought a water kefir starter (called "grains") from a lady I found on craigslist. We met at a local plant nursery and I think I paid her $5 for her to share her grains with me. You can buy all these starters/cultures online or you may very well find them from a nearby citizen in your community.

About the funny compliment. A friend of ours (from my husband's work) is often very generous with his compliments of my cooking, which of course I love. Hey, who doesn't like their creations enjoyed!? He has eaten my sauerkraut, dilly carrots, and sourdough bread.... I actually remember gifting him his own sauerkraut jar after his exceedingly high praise of it. When he and his family come over I generally cook hearty whole food meals with fresh ingredients.  One time recently he was over and was sitting across the room and talking in this positive manner about my cooking and he said something like, "You know, If I ever have to go get a colonoscopy, I will come eat some of Jenni's food first". I was like, "What!!!!!!????" and he continued, "No! I mean in a good way! That's a huge compliment from a guy." I laughed for quite some time in the kitchen and still chortle to myself when I think about his great compliment that the food I cook cleans him out. Real good. 

Here's to gut health.   

homemade fermented dilly carrots
Rainbow Chiffon Jello Cubes
Apple Crisp


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Saturday, 09 December 2023

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